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This section contains all the posters and videos from the European Hospital Efficiency Forum 2018 in Barcelona but also the videos of our latest roundtables.

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Latest Thematic Roundtables


In June 2018, we hosted an event where 40 projects were presented by hospital leaders. Projects cover Smart Purchasing, Optimising Product Flow, Optimising Patient Flow and Digital Tools & Analytics. Videos & posters are available to view below.

Keynote Speakers

To disrupt or not to disrupt, that is not the question

Marc Noppen, MD, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

Health System Sustainability and Hospital Efficiency:
What Works in Europe?

H. Martens
Public Health Expert

Reinventing Patient-Care Provider Interactions:
Service Delivery Innovation for Improved Efficiencies

K. Ramdas
London Business School

Thematic Break Out Sessions

Connecting Patients and Providers through technology

The needs of citizens – patients and visitors – at the center of the technological renovation

T. Schael

Using voiced-control smart devices to engage patients

F. Bechtel

Oxygen home-delivery and remote surveillance in the UK

M. Lora Moretto

Deploying industry-standard supply chain in hospitals

Award-winning adaptation of a sector-independent supply chain process and information system to a clinic.

M. Kazianschutz

E-catalogue and E-procurement deployment in a French GPO

S. Ancel

Deploying Lean Culture & Tools in Hospitals

Lean Healthcare for better quality of care at lower costs

S. Iaropoli

Improving turnaround time in Orthopedic Operating Room through inter-disciplinary collaboration

S. Rousselot

Lean in light of the postmodern challenges of health care

S. Metzker

Digitalizing the Supply Chain

Inventory and supply chain optimization using of RFID technologies

H. Meyer

Inventory management of Operating Room medical devices using RFID technology

R. Esposito

Digitalization of the complete procurement process

D. Lauritano

Engaging Patients with digital tools

Facilitating Patient-Hospital interactions through a website, mobile application and social media

F. D'Aloia

Bringing healthcare and patients closer through a web portal and an app, a Region-wide example

G. Postiglione

Civic Audit:
A methodology for civic assessment of health policies and services

F. Moccia

Evaluating healthcare performance

A facilitator tool of Therapeutic conciliation in the transitions of the patient between the hospital and primary health

J-A. Schoenenberger Arnaiz

From Document management to Clinical management:
The oncology case study

L. de Haro

Identifying the most cost-effective healthcare interventions Using Multi-dimensional Prognostic Indices (MPI)

C. Musacchio

Healthcare delivery across territories

An integrated hospital-territory foot clinic to manage of patients with peripheral arterial disease

S. Michelagnoli

Creating a dedicated and effective pathway for chronic diseases patients

F. Profiti

Creation of a regional patient transport platform

F. Bastaert

Innovation in Procurement & Tendering

Improving group purchasing by streamlining sourcing, warehousing, delivery & invoicing

E. Tabouelle

Reducing total cost and supporting innovation by tendering for solutions

H. Bax

A financial solution from investment models to a pay-per-use model

S. Taupiac

Innovation in Procurement, Tendering & Supply Chain

How digitalising procedure cards makes the OR more efficient

O. Tschuldi

Supply Chain Efficiency survey of German purchasing departments

S. Krojer

Pre-commercial procurement methods for procuring R&D services

L. Potel

Innovations in healthcare delivery

Best practices and new impulses in patient flow optimization

J. Wolf Sussman

A new organisational model to optimise hospital resources

R. Bui

Professional tools for care coordination and assesment

Building Patient-centric Balanced Scorecards to improve decision-making and quality management

C. Munoz

Using Lean Management & digital tools to improve the patient pathway

C. Baresi

Rethinking healthcare delivery

The nurse-managed ward solution

I. Cevasco

Harnessing Lean management to improve treatment quality abd efficiency

L. Miraglia

Re-organization of outpatient and inpatient care to improve physician-patient relationship

J. Heumos

Innovations in healthcare delivery

the Most Advanced Analytics System to Anticipate Clinical Alerts and Oversee Operations

J.-P. Almeida

Optimizing patients and product flows

Creating a Dedicated & Effective Pathway for Chronic Disease Patients

D. Donetti & F. Profiti

Consignment Management at Centro Hospitalar de Vila Nova de Gaia/Espinho, EPE

D. Teixera & D. Maia

Inventory Management, Optimisation and Supply Chain Streamlining

M. Del Prete & A. Draisci

Centralisation & Integrated Management of the Healthcare Logistics Process

F. D'Aloia, M. Borello, G. Bonelli & G. Poggialini

Lean Management Improves Efficiency and Maintains Service in Turin

F. Cattel & G. Valinotti

New Drug Dispensing Approach to Maximise Patients’ Safety

O. Canon & I. Patte

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