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This page displays the events that are coming up across Europe.

We organize Thematic Roundtables to facilitate best-practices sharing amongst healthcare professionals. In some cases, we will be present at major hospital management congresses and in others, we will organize events ad hoc. In most cases, we invite speakers to share his/her hospital transformation project, spend time for discussions with the audience and always include some networking time at the end.

When you sign-up to the network, or via email, we welcome your suggestions for themes, speakers or projects that interest you and could inspire others.

If no event are announced near you, do contact us or Cardinal Health staff to plan one.

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Through these events, Cardinal Health aims to bring tangible value to hospitals, understand their challenges and in some case, assist hospitals identify solutions that could work for them.

Since sharing experiences contributes to knowledge creation and innovation, we hope you will inclined to participate!

Ultimately, we seek to positively impact our healthcare systems by facilitating exchanges & collaboration.

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efficiency gains are to be found both in small incremental adjustments as well as major overhauls, and that sharing best practices is key to make healthcare systems more efficient. Learning from others, CEO to CEO and department head to department head, in Thematic Roundtables or online, is a powerful and efficient way to get inspired, collect feedback and prepare to lead the changes to come.


connecting with peers is always enjoyable, inspiring and valuable, so we welcome hospital leaders and managers to join the network and look forward to meeting you either online in the LinkedIn Group or at a Thematic Roundtable showcasing your success or addressing your challenges.

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All we need to know is your role, location and the aspects of hospital management that interest you. Based on these, we hope to be able to invite you to Thematic Roundtables, or at least inspire you through our quarterly newsletters, featured articles and upcoming events.

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